Can’t pee, can’t pee, can’t pee

Well, I went to take the “drug screening” this morning, and for whatever reason, i couldn’t pee. i managed to eek out alittle bit, enough for one test, but not a backup if I were to “test”, however, I’ve never done drugs of any sort, unless you count alcohol, which it is legal for me to do, and I havent had any of that in a month. Anyway, I think I may have to go again now, and well, usually I’m going every half hour or so because I have such a small bladder, and it’s been about 3 1/2 hours. Glad I didnt’ stay there and try to “go” some more, i’d still be there. I’m glad I’m done with that. Has anyone else had to go through that?

On a side note, I had to have a sonogram on my abdomen 2 years ago when my appendix went wonky on me, and they made me drink tons of water, like 2 full bottles an hour before I was supposed to be there. Note, small bladder. So…of course you have to sign in, and then wait, by then I was about to wet myself, half an hour later I get in there, 15 minutes later I finally get to pee, I get back on the table, the lady says, wait, your bladders filling back up. DUH! You guys just made me drink twice as much water as I would at a time, wait 2 hours, and you expect my teeny tiny bladder to just magically absorb it all and get rid of it at once? Good grief!


  1. When I had my first sonogram when pregnant, I had to drink a crapton of water, too. Not much fun with a semi-small bladder and a baby pushing on it 🙂

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