And the award goes to…

Okay so the award for husband of the summer goes to…. Matthew. The man just went shopping in the mall and other stores to help me find a swimsuit. Granted, we are going to go to a water park, with his family. So he owed me. I had to get a swimsuit. I havent had one since my honeymoon. That was six years ago. The one I finally got is a little big, but hey, its the end of the season and it was on sale. It’s black with a yellow stripe down each side. It has a little crown thing in the middle of the top on the front and a largely cut out back. All in all, it makes me look less chubby. Unlike the $128 one at Van Maur, which was supposed to be slimming, but made me look like I was trying to hide a salad bowl under my clothes. NOT attractive. I really liked the $90 one from Victoria’s secret that i saw online, i really believed I might look thin in it, however, they dont’ have swimwear in our store. so… Thanks honey!


  1. Don’t you hate bathing suit shopping? No matter what you try on, you still feel like it’s accentuating only your worst parts. But I am glad you found one you are happy with!

  2. I bought a swimming costume two weeks ago, wore it swimming and my boobs popped out! So now I own a swimming costume that I can actually wear to go swimming in, how daft is that?

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