Makes me giggle..

There are quite a few things that make me laugh. Some of the best are things that aren’t supposed to be funny, but really are quite hysterical. Okay, so I’m watching Dr. Phil, shut up, what else am I supposed to do in the afternoon.. okay, Dr. Phil is interviewing “rude and crude” people and he has these sisters on, who claim that they’re misunderstood and being pretty is ” so hard” yada yada. Okay, for one thing, they say that they’re “better” than other people, and that being pretty is “a curse”. They wouldn’t go outside if they had a pimple. They even refused to wear anything other than their own clothes to go on the air. Nothing else was good enough. The FUNNIEST thing is that THEY’RE NOT PRETTY. I don’t know if you can look them up, but they have gunky make up and big noses, hair color that clearly doesnt match their eyebrows, granted they are very thin and have done some modeling (according to the pictures they brought in), but it was all something that borders on porn, not the prettiest thing and a good role model, for sure. No wonder they’re not real well liked. Their challenge was to take all their makeup off and dress in regular clothes. One of them completely refused to do it, and the other one Dr. Phil said she was pretty-after all the crap came off. i still think she’s butt ugly. Go figure.

I mean, I’m not anything to “write home” about, but I don’t think all those heroin chic girls are pretty at all. Anyone else?

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  1. It sounds like they use their clothes and make up as a suit of armour they can’t go out without. Personally I prefer a natural look but not skin and bones…us girls were born with curves but than, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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