Football, baseball and other weekend musings…

We have watched a few Cubs games lately, because my husband really likes baseball. I tolerate it. Better than wrestling, golf, or tennis. During which I want to jump from a moving vehicle. The Cubs did move into first place and are now in second, I think. We have danced this dance before, and it always ends in heartbreak. I haven’t ever attended a major league game, just little league and one minor league game in Illinois. Not much to talk about. I didnt realize that I didnt know all the words to “take me out to the ballgame” until I was an adult, then I paid attention and now I know all the words, and even when they sing it.

We had the chance to watch the Bears last night. It was right down to the wire, but they won. It was just a pre-season game, and not all of their first string players, played. Most second and third, as most of the first were sitting the sidelines. I think we may get kicked out of this apartment too. We saw a few good hits, a dislocated elbow, and a partridge in a pear tree. Wait, that’s not right. I digress.

My husband did the second half of my workout with me this morning. It’s nice that it was on during the weekend since i got to do it, I won’t feel bad about skipping it tomorrow to go to this job interview. It’s not something I’m all that excited about, but apparently these folks are overly excited to get the interviewing done, and if that means I make some fast cash this summer, while I’m waiting for something better to come along, so be it. Either way, my hubby got to truly appreciate how much I am actually doing during my workout and I’m sure my daily treats will not be looked at with distaste, I surely burned off these calories and more…

I hate headaches, especially the ones that stick around and get worse, even after you’ve slept for 2 hours. Yeah, sleep my friend. yeah! It’s something I always ask for for my birthday or Christmas, more sleep. i never get it though ;-P

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