Where I’ve been and Why

Check out this post: http://lil-mousehouse.blogspot.com/2007/07/states-visited-map.html
to see the states I have visited. I have not included states I simply drove through, there would be more. Okay: West to East and North to South:

Nebraska-Univ of Neb @Lincoln-for a National University Housing conference-wild west theme
Minnesota-when i was very young-my dad went to Mayo’s for a thumb replacement in his 40’s
Iowa-we live here (now)
Missouri-my grandmother lived here for most of her life, we visited Hannibal often
Louisiana-National Honor Society trip to N’awlins–don’t try to pronounce it any other way
Wisconsin-2 times for regional housing conferences, once for a 40th anniversary Bronco event
Illinois-we lived in west central and central as youngsters and young marrieds, also college here
Michigan-we got Trek from the Leader Dogs for the Blind foundation. They’re awesome!
Indiana-I visited my brother and his family here–and visited my fiance because of it. awesome!
Kentucky-We accompanied my parents to the bat factory and Churchill Downs, also a high school Appalachian mission trip to help poor people fix up their homes
South Carolina-Visited my hubby here (see Indiana) before we were married.
Georgia-My aunt lived here a long time, visited her in about 1988
Florida-crossed the line to here to say we’d been.

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