Where I was and what I was doing…

On Friday, I helped spread gravel for our F6 to sit on at the farm. A lot of it by hand. Here’s a pic of the finished product, with said truck in background.

I also got the chance to go to an auction. It wasn’t a big joy, I didn’t bid on or get anything, but just watching the inner workings of a small town, people going in and out, talking, farmers in overalls, and everything started at $10, even something that was fairly new and wouldn’t have been more than $10 to start with. Sheesh!

My parents have purchased something called “feed bread”. My best guess is that it’s the way of breadmakers and stores to make back some cash on the bread that falls apart, falls on the floor, etc. This was a whole tray, I’m guessing around 20 items of bread that they can feed to the goats. I got the “honor” of leading the goats out to get some grass by wiggling some bread in their faces. I deserve a medal. They aren’t my goats. They aren’t my parents goats. Don’t ask.

My hubby helped put a tv up on the wall for my mom. Before, it had been sitting on the dryer, and every time the washer went on the spin cycle, she was freaked out it was going to shake off. Needless to say, this was a detriment to trying to do ANYTHING and laundry at the same time. So here’s a pic of the handsome (but needing a haircut) guy in my life helping out ;-).

I don’t have any pictures of the other things I did, like helping mom freeze corn: it’s a long process including cutting corn off the cob, using the back of the knife to squeegee out the rest of the kernel, cooking and cooling it, then getting it into freezer bags. Or snapping green beans, or picking cucumbers or tomatoes, or getting up before 6 am and taking the dogs for a walk, or resting on the porch swing, or listening to the thunderstorm… just another visit to the farm.

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