Road kill cupcakes

Kellie made an amazing pool cake and i just wanted to say I was inspired to produce a picture of my most creative (quite disgusting, actually) idea for cupcakes. I took them to a church dinner. Needless to say they didn’t go over too well, not much humor in that, I guess, but I inherited a kind of odd sense of humor. The idea behind road kill cupcakes is, of course, to display the “body” along with a facsimilie of a tire (oreo cookie) and road like yellow stripes. Unfortunately, they stopped producing the candies because of a very few complaints from organizations like peta. (not people eating tasty animals, people for the ethical treatment of animals) anyway, ridiculous, and I wish I had gone with my instincts and purchased a case when I had the chance, oh well, enjoy the pictures anyway! And for those of you that might find it, well, distasteful at first glance, check THIS out! Major money maker, and umm, no I have no desire to run over anyone or anything in a vehicle after having sampled these treats. It simply fulfilled the desire for candy. End of story.

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  1. HaHa!! I LOVE it–it’s not disgusting. It’s hysteri-freakin-cal!! Pee on those schmos for not having the sick and twisted sense of humor you and I seem to have 🙂

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