All my rowdy friends….

You know what I REALLY love? Football. Yes, I know, all delicacies of food and my hubby aside, or preferably, both BY my side, i love LOVE football. Now, I always watched the Superbowl (there was homemade pizza in it for me) and especially the commercials. These days, I’m split between dancing around during the plays and commercials, trying to decide which i want to see more, while I race to the bathroom. That game seems to take an extraordinarily long time and no way could i go the entire time without that type of relief. All odd stuff aside, I have no idea when it started. And I feel bereft on Sundays in Februrary and March when its still too butt numbing cold to stay outside for long, and there’s no football on tv. And I start to get antsy when the leaves change color and there’s frost on the ground. Drives me insane. I think it’s all the blood that gets flowing when there’s a good game going on, makes the testosterone flare up and coat all the estrogen or something. Lots of excitement and sweaty guy in the air. Either way, the fall has always been when i looked for a boyfriend, or, when my hubby gets a lot more of my huggy kissy attention. And all in all, football is good all around for my mental health. I thought last year when we watched the Bears play (yes I know Grossman sucks, give me a break) that we were going to get kicked out of our apartment. Many a Sunday night game after 10 pm we’d be screaming either “go go go” or “oh no you stupid…” at the top of our lungs (no children or babies in the complex, just so everyone knows) and we’d Shush each other and go back to watching the game. It provided enough exhaustion to fall asleep right away, and enough go power in the morning to at least get to work and talk to my former male co-worker about it. He always seemed to get a kick out of chatting about it for a few minutes, and it was a bright spot in days where I sat and did what seemed like nothing for a whole week sometimes. I have a few players also that I watch whenever possible. I went to a central Illinois college and one of their players has bounced around on the Buccaneers, Ravens, and Saints for a bit. He was truly awesome in college and has had some, but not a lot of success in the pros. He doesnt get much playing time. So, i watched those games to see if he’d play at all. Sometimes they were good games, sometimes not so much. Either way, much better than staring at the wall for 3 or 4 hours. As i hear the newscasters talking about fall and the school supplies hitting the store shelves, i begin to think about football, check rosters, and try to figure out where we could get a real, exciting live game around here. Oh well, maybe it will have to be strictly tv again this year. we’ll see. for now.. signing off… talk at you soon..

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