Trying to be a better blogger

okay, so as time goes on i’m reading more blogs and commenting, and hoping that those new people will comment on my blog too! Because, well I’m trying to be a better blogger. It seems like all those out there with kiddos always have great stories to tell and my womb’s not been full yet, so I dont have any little gems like that. So I hope that in some way, you guys rub off on me somehow, so that I’m not a bad blogger and you don’t go away! Cause it’s like having friends (via Harry Potter)..I digress. Anyway, hope everyone’s somewhat enjoying me, and if not, comment and tell me what you want to hear about! I’d be happy to oblige!

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  1. To be a better blogger, one must post at least once a week. It’s those that go months and months between posts that make me itch and cry 🙂

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