Things I’m obsessing about

1. Harry Potter-as if you couldnt tell!
2. My hubby-he’s driving me crazy by taking some much time reading (see above)
3. food-I’m constantly starving. is.not.fair.
4. trying to organize our apartment
5. reading other people’s blogs-so much more interesting than me!
6. grocery shopping–i’m never truly happy without a full pantry, and then some. see #3
7. cool jackets–i am aching for a new jacket. i have 4 suit jackets (2 basic black, one with a zipper, navy blue, and chocolate brown)–then also a crushed plum/burgundy one that’s for fall and winter–too warm! — and a blue jean one that i wear a lot. I’m really dying for another color, something bright that i can just throw on over a teeshirt with jeans that really scream, look at me! he he. Or five. yeah, five!

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