Fun Monday-Best Friends

Tell us about your best friend. Particularly things like: where you first met, how long you’ve been friends and why you think you are best friends. I have quite a few friends but the best one right now is probably my hubby.

We first met: in grade school. We went to same school for about 10 years, he moved when he was going to be a sophomore in HS.

How long: We took pe together in high school for a year. we palled around then and “almost” went out–we’re both stubborn as hell, and we WERE both really quiet so we didnt officially go anywhere I guess–neither of us had a license. since we were both too shy, it’s kind of like we did one of those pretend ” go out” things like in junior high, just a year later. (Frown) we should have gone out but i guess it wasn’t the right time. oh well! Then as I said, he moved. We had a mutual friend Pascal. In college, one day I got a forward from Pascal, and he had my hubbys name in his email list. I enquired and sent an email (such a tramp, i know) to my future hubby. We flirted via email for a couple of years, he was going to and into the military, and one summer he came back to Illinois from the coast. We went out on 2 dates, the second one lasting until 5 am. We sat and talked and talked and..well we havent shut up ever since.

Why?:Umm because we have chemistry, I guess. We have the other half of what the other person doesnt have somehow. i have no clue if that makes any sense or not. Where he gets really hot headed when he’s angry, i get really cool, when he gets sick he wants to be left alone, when i get sick, i want to be taken care of. I send cards to just about everyone for their birthday, he doesnt send any at all. That sort of thing.

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