Dateline:To Catch a Predator

okay for about the 5th time now i’ve chosen to watch these corny to catch a predator shows for an hour on tv. granted there was nothing else on, but seriously, it’s like a train wreck, or a kid throwing a tantrum. you just can’t.look.away. and the best thing is, that these guys all go, oh yeah i’ve seen the show. and you STILL bring umm lil raincoats and beer to what’s supposed to be a 13 year old girl? Hello? Hello? Something between their ears isn’t working. oh right, they weren’t thinking with their ears. Go figure. Now I personally am of the “only to whom you are married” sort of thing, so that rubs me a little raw anyway, but to add in these 25-36 year old, “my wife is pregnant” dudes just makes me want to cut their little.. well, you know. umm hello! YOU got her pregnant @$$h0l%! Take the slow down in sex for a month or so as time to remember the good old days of hiding magazines in closets, alright? And what kills me even more is the “I have a daughter about her age at home” what the F@!#! What, so you’re gonna do HER next? Seriously though, since no one is hurt in the making of the program, well.. unless they try to run and there’s a molester-hating teenaged daughter father out there that tackles them and thows in a few extra whacks for his kids…yeah then they might get hurt. I want to say to these guys–do you remember 13 year old girls? they cry at the slightest provocation, give you the silent treatment, and lock themselves in their rooms for hours because you didnt say their outfit looked nice. Yeah, you’re going to get a lot of them aren’t you buddy? They’ll be world class sl#ts for you until they figure out you’re not a rich 25 year old doctor who just wants to hang out with them and maybe have sex sometimes, “if u wantd 2”. Which would be about 15 seconds after they open the door and see your un-naturalized – no need for a haircut balding- ate too much Ben and Jerry and drank too much beer gut and your shi##y car that broke down 3 blocks away so you had to walk up the street in worn out shoes to try and get some. And she’ll just love you to pieces, right? Just say no to being a pervert–or i’ll be watching u- dateline:tcap.

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