Finished reading… still no spoilers!

For any of you that aren’t finished reading your HP book yet and have been tempted to look at your email/blogs, no fears! i have a very slow reading husband trudging through the sixth book as we speak and the copy, of which the last chapter I have just re-read beside me. I feel, done with it I guess. No idea how they will ever put all that happens in this book into a movie. It’s impossible. i still have a few questions I would like answered, but I guess at this point I wont be getting them. I just wanted to mention that only two things brought me very slightly to tears, one an unusual death, and one, well, the conclusion of the book, you can say that. The last chapter was happy. I was right in so many ways, wrong slightly in a few, things just happened differently than I expected, but that’s okay. I just really really wish there was another series coming, one that wouldnt take so long to write, one… well i’ll leave it at that. It took about 9 1/2 hours, but i’m done! Enjoy! post note: I lied before, I was also weepy when I found out what had unintentionally happened to the SEVENTH piece of Voldemort’s soul, because I knew what would eventually happen in the end…

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