Are you a foodie too?

I recently read somewhere something about not telling everyone what you had for lunch because it was bad blog etiquette, but I must disagree! I am a foodie, granted I don’t love all food, just the food i love, does that make sense? For whatever reason, almost anything green tastes awful to me! The only fish I’ll eat is tuna out of a can, or breaded fishsticks, if you can call them fish! And they must be drowned in catsup/ketchup or it’s not right! Yes, I have tried fish since I became an adult, apparently my tastes havent changed! I tried a bit of my husband’s fish at red lobster. He said it didnt taste like fish. Boy was he wrong! Ewww! Anyway, I wanted to go WAAY beyond blog etiquette and tell you what I made for dinner last night. Cooking is a hobby, not just a way to eat! Everyone else has kids to talk about and jobs, and i dont have either, so i’m going to talk about cooking!

I was going to make taco salad (well not SALAD as I hate lettuce) but basically it means not using soft or hard taco shells, using chips of any sort and crunching them up on your plate or leaving them whole and using them as scoops..then adding all your other stuff on top. It’s kind of like a cross between a salad bar and a taco, if that makes any sense (no idea if anyone else does this or if its a mouse-y type thing). That way if you have picky kids that only eat chips and cheese and meat, then they or you just build it that way. It’s more fun if they do of course–it’s a big kid kind of thing. Anyway, we only had a few chips and no shells at all and some already cooked hamburger with garlic (mm garlic) and I didnt want to go to the store or make Mr. Mouse stop on his way home from work.

SOO anyway, long story very well, long, I quick searched a recipe for chili mac. I’d never made it before. The idea is that you cook your meat and add a can of beans, seasonings, a cup of water, a cup of pasta, and a can of tomato sauce. you let it simmer for 15 minutes and then top it with cheese and let it warm until the cheese melts. I had a can of chili beans already (like from aldi for about a quarter, they already have the seasonings in them so I didnt add any more) so I threw it all together and it was SO GOOD! It could have used some more pasta I think. I used my hand to measure and not a cup, and I used bigger pasta shells instead of macaroni. Anyway, if you have picky kids, this might be a way to get them to eat more at dinner time. I served it with some curly fries, my hubby put his fries down and dumped the stuff on top, as i knew he would do, and i ate mine on the side, kind of dipping them some. I think just about any fries would have been good, kind of like chili cheese fries but probably a little healthier since that’s usually something you get out that’s super processed with tons of cheese! Or just some regular boiled potatoes too if you’re watching what you’re eating some! It seems like it needs somethign on the side so it might be cornbread or..biscuits something like that. i dont know if anyone else has any ideas…But fries are pretty kid-friendly and they cook at the same time as the chili mac.. sorry for the horrible etiquette. But i did enjoy my food!

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