Working out with Gilad

No, I dont’ have a hot new pesonal trainer.. well.. okay so he’s not hot, and he’s on tv, buy hey, i’m still getting a workout. This guy Gilad sounds like Ahnold but he’s not a blonde, kind of like a darker ahnold.. anyway, i’ve been taking a half hour workout in the morning this week, and this morning, my scale had inched over onto a solid number, something it had refused to do for several months. Yeah! so now i just have about 10 pounds to go. okay maybe more, but for now i’d like to go ahead and try and lose 10 and see how i do at that weight. I was 5 pounds lighter than I am now 2 years ago after my appendix bust and not being able to eat for a while. I kept going up over hte winter and that first winter didnt lose any then i lost some this winter and i’m working on keeping on going down. it’s tough considering i dont have the normal things to give up like most people. i already hardly eat any bread, fast food maybe 3 times a year or so, no regular soda for a long time, so i cant just drop miracle pounds like other people. I hardly even eat dessert. it might be a sugar free popsicle or low fat ice cream bar, but that’s it! So this is all going to come off by hard work. Not so much fun, but hey, at least I’m trying. 🙂 updated with pic.

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