Ridiculous Potter stuff

From http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19718438/:
Playing into that theory is the quest that began near the end of book six: the search for the horcruxes. In order to gain immortality, Voldemort split his soul between several magical artifacts, using acts of murder to imbue them. Each of these horcruxes must be found and destroyed before he can be killed. Not all have been identified at this point, but one important clue is that a horcrux can be a living thing. Maybe Harry himself, the lone survivor in the attack on his family, contains a piece of Voldemort’s essence. If true, his death could be vital.

Now this is ridiculous! These people don’t get it do they? Okay how does Voldemort create a horcrux? Right he has to murder someone. So..let’s see he plans to kill Harry, so if he killed LP or JP he would NOT use HP to create a Horcrux because he was planning to kill him, right? Ohho then you say! Yes, he was planning on killin HP and making Harry’s body a Horcrux, but the issue is! That when he attempted to kill Harry, the curse rebounded and “killed” him, well not really, but you know the story. And, again, if he had killed LP or JP and was going to make HP a horcrux so his body was one before he killed HP, he wouldnt because it’s inadvisable to make a horcrux of a living thing that can think and move on its own. It’s perishable, and you want to save your soul, so to speak. Anyway, I think that these reporters and authors should be required to actually read the books and not just get an idea from their kids before they write a story! Sheesh!

btw i will take down the crazy going movie counter once the book arrives, just leaving it as a count down…


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