Well, there ya have it, the title says it all! We stayed with my folks on the “farm”–they don’t really farm, just live in the country–and my mom gave the puppies (just over a year old) a lecture about not getting up at 5:30 am. They didn’t–they whined to get out at 5:15 am, so I let them out–and a “more white than not” skunk was 15 feet from the house. They barked and snapped at it and Cole got the brunt of the stink. Willie not as much. They finally got away and my dad got a gun and shot at the skunk–it was in a hole. Anyway, I went and got Matthew up and got him to hold the flashlight and while they shot like a million bullets into the ground. Anyway, long story short, the dogs stunk, the skunk was dead and we were all wide awake before 6 am. The kicker–the dogs were to go to the vet at 10 am. I conned mom into helping tomato juice them and we did, then dog shampooed them. Cole still smelled some and Willie was fresh and well–he smelled like dog. So we got them loaded into the back of the truck in their LARGE pet carriers–no van ride for them! And got them into the vet. We got Willie in and got his rabies shot, wormer, etc. He weighs 70 pounds. Then we got Cole in and he’s scared of tile floor, so they wormed him etc. on the rug and the vet carried him over the tile and he weighs 76 pounds. I hadn’t even showered yet so I got to go home and get showered and get the skunk smell off–I got to hold Cole while the other animals went in and out of the vets..How fun! Later on Matthew took our 52 Ford F6 (old grain truck) for a ride and there was a tiny fire because of a gas leak. He he. It was much funnier after it was over with. He got some teflon tape on the hose and it’s all better. I guess it got skunked too! Well, we’re back in CR now and all set for getting some sleep.

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