I get to be in the paper..not in the criminal arrest section

I replied to the Cedar Rapids Gazette
request for Harry Potter Fans to discuss their thoughts about the movie and books. Here is the email I sent. Then they emailed back and wanted an interview. Cool. So I called back and gave my interview. It should be in the CRG on July 12 and 15. Neat-o.

How do the movies compare to the books?For all the films that have been released to date, they do an adequate job of giving the storyline to the novel, but as with all movies based on books, they tend to skim over the surface and add in a few details for feature film. This gives loyal readers a satisfaction in immersing into the life of Harry Potter a little deeper and more colorful than our imaginations, and gives young and unintroduced future readers a glimpse that may well tease them into exploring the books. There is a noted lack of depth in characters compared to the books, but that is to be expected for the length of the film compared to the length of the books. Basic characterization, sets, and design are all top notch and rich in detail. Most true Potter fans would agree that WB is doing the best that they can under the circumstances. All in all, the books win hands down, but the films do justice for publicity of the books and for the economy.

What do you think of the cultural legacy author J.K. Rowling has left behind?She has done an amazing job of taking a basic story line (good vs. evil) and weaving a depth of character and humor, finite details and magical connections into an amazing tale of adventure, loss, and yes, love. Like all great authors, she draws us in, the young and old, the experienced and the fresh eyes devouring a chapter book for the first time. Her legacy will spawn book sales and unbridled imagination for generations to come. Book sets will be passed down and read at bedtime again and again, whether it’s the parent or child begging to continue for “just one more chapter.” People of all ages have come together for book clubs, midnight releases, and the sharing of theories, somewhat uncommon in this age of technology that changes so fast every day. Her legacy will be of a generation, make that multiple generations of readers that value a good story, the good winning over evil, the light beating back the darkness, and at the end, a certain satisfaction, no matter what is to come. Long after the fanfare of the movie releases has died down, the action figures and toy sets quit gracing the shelves of the local toy stores, children will snuggle in, forget that the computer exists, and read until it gets dark, turn on the light and go on until they’re eyes are blurry, not just the 7 in this series, but many more adventures. Her legacy is a dream: a world of children who read for fun, know the difference in right and wrong, and giggle when they see mistletoe, because it may well be full of nargles.

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