Commentary on those worried about gays

Okay, so for those of you that dont’ know. I’m straight. Yeah, married for 6 years and proud of it. But I did have a few friends in college that weren’t, straight. Does that make them crooked? I digress. Anyway, for those worried about gay people, or who even go so far as to complain about them… ask yourself WHY? Are you SO HOT that every person, male or female wants you? Get over yourself…I will speak to males because they are so 2-faced in this, they think 2 women going at it is hot, but that 2 men is wrong, umm yeah THAT makes sense. I had the opportunity to practically giggle myself to sleep because of a comedian on tv last night that put it into words that I never could express on my own. Do you think some guy is just going to come up behind you at the ATM and poke a hole in the back of your pants. NO!

Onto my own commentary: You, as a rational human being, wouldn’t attack any woman at an ATM, so why would another guy attack you? And you’re so hot to another guy, as you’re in your beer stained shirt getting cash to pick up a 6 pack and a case of Huggies. Trust me, guys, if a guy’s gaydar was off just a little bit and did approach you, he still has to convince you to go somewhere with him and both of you take off your pants before anything can possibly happen to scar you for life. Oh yeah, and then you’d have been a willing participant… so… why worry? One (or two or a million) less guy in competition to you in dealing with women, getting a wife, raising your own kids. What exactly is the problem? 999 times out of a 1,000, a gay guy is not even going to approach you, and the one time in a thousand, he’s going to figure it out within talking to you for 5 minutes. Unless you yourself are gay and denying it, in which case, get over yourself and tell the truth.

My personal opinion is that we shouldn’t judge anyone based on their sexual orientation. So there’s a little more love in this world, is that such a bad thing? I also believe that God doesnt make mistakes, so if someone’s gay, then they were made that way and we should treat it just as if they had brown versus blue eyes or gray versus brown or blonde hair. It’s something we simply ignore about a person unless we are interested in them as a mate. That’s just the way they are. Get over yourself and let them be!

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