Mr. Mouse’s Summer House

Well, by all accounts it looks like Mr. Mouse will be living in St. Louis this summer. It’s kind of a relief to think that that is all decided. I really don’t mind that he gets the opportunity–and if he’s only about 3 hours away, it would be a lot better than across the country. We’ll at least be able to see each other. And I didn’t mind the house being quiet sometimes–plus I spent some time with my family (and their new puppies last year, which was very healing, actually)–kind of hard to feel alone with puppies licking every conceivable spot on your body that’s not covered in clothing–face, toes, hands, etc.

Anyway, I think he’ll be much happier getting a chance to get his “paws” on some real work for the summer than lazing about answering people’s internet questions all day. And that makes me really happy for him. If I can stay here and keep working, and his pay is decent, we should be able to get the truck paid off through the summer okay, and that would be really nice.

More details when they are forthcoming…

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