Weekend Update

The time changed. Ick. I like it in the fall, not so much in the spring. This year we did not go to church, so we weren’t getting up at “5” in the morning to go, whew! We have been trying to save money to pay off my truck, it’s a pretty red F150, and we’ve got a ways to go, but we’re working on it. So we aren’t traveling as much. The cost of gas..sheesh!

I digress. We spent most of the weekend either working on Mr. Mouse’s vehicle or lazing on the couch just hanging out. One of the many things we discussed was the possibility of a summer internship with me still living where we do, and him where we might possibly live in the future, about 3 hours away. Across state lines. Still, not too bad though, much better than Seattle, which is where he worked last summer. Far, far from the Midwest.

We did some “way in the future” prospecting on the housing market in our possible future home (one of my favorite pastimes), and found that the city itself has limited prospects in our market…5 plus acres without a house, maybe with buildings on it already…so we went–back across state lines and sure enough, about a half hour commute from “the city” was some nice land of 2-20 plus acres sometimes for good prices. The ones that hadn’t been sold out to developers yet because it’s too far from “town”–and that’s fine by me. I’m the kind that would like to have the free ability to dance naked in my front yard if I wanted to, and no one could see me–not even with binoculars..so needless to say, it was good to know that there is some commutable distance-property available that’s not in subdivisions already. It’s also in a college-town which would enable me to find a job. Yes! With little commute. Things are looking up–even in the far-distant future!

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