A little about Mr. Mouse

If you check out Mr. Mouse’s blog you’ll get more of an idea about him–but basically he’s a computer geek (that means he gets the job done, unlike a nerd who just plays games all day long)-he wants to work with embedded systems and that will mean a move after he finishes college/grad school if he gets in. Right now we’re keeping our options open. We’re still thinking of midwest area, maybe farther south to avoid some of the bad weather we have had this winter. He loves trucks and toys-the bigger the better. He participates in the gross language habits with me and makes me laugh. Somedays we’re so in sync it’s scary. And some days.. well..we just leave each other alone for a while. I really like that he listens to what I have to say (no matter how insane it is) and that occasionally he helps out with the dishes, etc. We have the most fun when we tackle all our chores for the weekend and then just hang out, go for a drive, wander around stores, etc. We both dread Mondays. I think we’d be better off if we’d just win the lottery and not have to worry about working–alas, no winning #s! Maybe someday…

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