Made- up words and other gross language habits

You will notice from time to time that I make up words for fun and to confuse people. For instance “meeces”. Also “ginormous”-a combination of giant and enormous, “fabu-bar”-fabulous and “wonder-bar” which is probably another made up word in itself.

I also ask questions in Spanish “Where is it?” “What is that?” “Who was that?” etc. mostly it’s to myself, but my husband is used to it and answers anyway. My mom too, I guess she figured the question was coming and answered what she thought I meant, becuase I know she doesn’t know what I’m saying.

When I’m tired of yelling for my husband, or just want his attention, I howl. It started with being around dogs a lot and making noise to see how they’d react and it’s just become another form of communication around our house. I’ve also taken to softly barking at the door if someone walks by or growling at strange noises. It’s purely for entertainment purposes, I know I’m not a dog. I’m a mouse!

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