Huqed on Fonix Wurked fur me

How long do kids have to go to school until they learn to spell things halfway decently? Or to speak with the correct tense of a verb? Mr. Mouse pointed out to me this morning that some little meeces we know have been in school for 5-6 years and are still writing like those that have been in school 2 years or less. There are also some speaking issues–no little meeces “rund-ed fast”–they “ran fast”. Is it too much to expect a fifth grader to be able to spell “been there” and not “bean ther” when writing something? I know 2 generations ago, lots of kids only had 6th grade educations, they didn’t have computers to spell-check for them, and they could spell “been there”–what does this say about our education system? Is it that much worse than 80 years ago, and if so, why?

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