There’s nothing wrong with my marriage…

See the funny thing is, that there was a lot of conclusion-jumping going on in those comments from my last post!!

… and jumping to conclusions and assuming things.. well you know what they say about assuming things…right?

You know, since I said we don’t have sex 7 times a month, clearly that means there is something wrong with our marriage. When in fact, I never said I was unhappy! My husband isn’t unhappy either. Although now that he’ll know a bunch of other guys are getting laid 4x a week, he might be! J/k! That’s why it’s an AVERAGE. Some are below, some are above…

And obviously, the 15 minutes it takes me to blog for an ENTIRE WEEK (while my husband is at work and my kids are sleeping), is taking away from our sex life… oh wait, yeah.. it’s not. Because he is at work… and no he can’t come home at lunch time anyway so you can’t say that my blog? Have you even read it people? I post maybe 2 or 3x a week. Doesn’t take that long, folks. It’s not like some huge mega-blog that I make money off of.. see any ads here? Mentions of sponsors? No. Just us pigeons.

I didn’t say we didn’t have any fun, that we were always limited, or that there was anything wrong in general. Are there challenges? Yes. I was asking how people sneak in some extra ‘couple’ time. I wasn’t suggesting I was dissatisfied at all, but from most of the comments I got, it seems like I came off as a whiny excuse laden bitch who mistreats her spouse. Awesome.

We’ve been through 11 years of marriage, floods, vehicle fires, harassment, accidents, surgeries, unemployment, being separated by thousands of miles, being kicked out of apartments (twice), placing a bid on a house and finding out it wasn’t worth the ground it was standing on, nearly being sued, building a home, pregnancy, childbirth, death, family estrangements, and pretty much everything else you can think of off the top of your head. It takes a lot more than a dry spell to kill that kind of love, girlies!

Life isn’t all about sex, you know. It’s how life starts, it’s nice in the middle, and sometimes (ha ha) it’s how life ends.

But it’s not everything. It doesn’t define a marriage or a life.