1. Katie Fender

    I first started off with a detergent I got at WalMart. I didn’t think it mattered if you had hard or soft water. Once I found out we had hard water, we switched to Rockin’ Green Hard Rock. I actually noticed a difference. I think the detergent and washing routine might be one of the biggest challenges for cloth diapering moms.

  2. Awesome! Flats are so much easier to clean than microfiber. I’m thankful I’ve never dealt with super hard water since we have a softener!

  3. I have a front loader, HE washer and have found that my microfibre and AIO’s just don’t do well in it. They require too many rinses to get clean and ongoing stripping. All my natural fibres are fine as well as pockets and AI2’s. I have started using my old microfibre for mopping instead:) I have yet to try flats but would like to just for the experience!

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