Cotton Babies gift card giveaway for Mother’s day!

Click here to enter to win a gift card to cotton babies! You have to post a note to your special someone, here is my entry below. Doing extra things like this blog post will get my entry noticed above others, so thanks for reading! Oh and we do <3 Cotton babies, we love their retail store and probably 3/4 of our stash (more if you count those outgrown!) are Bum genius!

Dear Keeley,

Mother’s day is coming up, and this is my second year at it. How am I doing? Right now you are a bouncy, shrieking with joy, mud puddle splashing mess! You won’t remember apartments lived in, countless diaper changes, block towers, or the endless times you were told ‘no’ to pulling the cable box off of the television. What I hope you remember is laughter. Lightning bugs. Shade trees. Kool-aid grins and Popsicles running down your arms. I hope you remember snow forts, wildflowers, and cuddles on the couch. You won’t remember house construction, or scraped knees, or the many times you ate dirt. I do hope you remember feeling safe, loved, treasured. I’m so glad you were born. You won’t remember tantrums, or immunizations, or early morning nursing sessions. I will remember, though. The agony of labor too soon, the joy of hearing ‘it’s a girl’, and checking clearance racks for the next year’s clothes. I hope you remember the good things, the happy things, the reasons your dad and I gave you life. Strawberries and butterflies, watching the ripples in the bed of the creek, sand in between your toes and skimming rocks. I hope you remember the names of flowers and birds, hawks circling, owls calling out in the night. I hope you remember peace, and stability and joy. I hope family hugs never go out of style and that kisses to your temple are always sweetly cherished. Motherhood is amazing and traumatic, pain and delight, holding tight and letting go. It hits me at this moment that you are the reason I am here. Your sweet smile, your frustrated cry, no one could have shaped you but me. For everything we have shared and will, this is my only dream: for you to live, fully and with unfettered joy, is my mother’s day wish for you. You are 18 months old, and I am so glad you were born.


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