1. Nelly B.

    Prior to seeing the infant/toddler boy giveaway, I entered the newborn boy giveaway, but I would rather have my name on the infant/toddler one. Is there any way you can void my entries for the newborn one? I don’t want to seem like I am not following the rules! Thanks so much! 🙂


    I love how you ask everyone to enter only one giveaway, this makes it so much more fair to everyone participating!

  3. Shilo Wheatley

    I’ve been reading about all the great things flats have to offer and I’m so bummed I didn’t purchase any when building my newborn diaper stash… Not only do they seem great for newborns but they really are one size and can even be stuffed in pockets!!! I didn’t know anything about them when I started CD shopping but now I know I need some! Thank you for the giveaway and all the great info!

  4. Katy Baird

    I want to win ALL the diapers. 🙁 How can I do that? lol. I think it’s great you’re giving away 5 prizes. Super generous!

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