1. another thing about social media is that you can’t read body language or hear intonations — so you can misread what the writer is trying to say.
    Sure is easy to get feelings hurt.
    I have been able to pass on most controversial subjects – but not all.

    We are communicating with people we would never have met (I love my blogging friends) and we are communicating with old friends that maybe weren’t even friends. I had a friend request that I didn’t recognize — and another old school friend contacted me and asked “who is this person .. do you remember?” So I got out my old year book. There she was — the quiet little girl who never spoke, and was always standing in the shadows. Her FB page is the same .. no photos, no statuses, no comments. I wonder if she reads mine.

  2. I’m an introvert, but not shy. I have to keep myself from getting too caught up in social media because it feeds my analytical side and I’m more articulate when I write. I can really relate to this post.

  3. I can totally relate! I need to use your trick of writing down what I’m going to say more often. Honestly, I could have written this (except about Downtown Abbey, in going to have to Google that! Lol).

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