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  1. What a wonderful letter to yourself. It takes time to learn what’s important. I wonder what the world would be like if we could go back and tell ourselves all about it?

    Just because you have girls doesn’t mean you’re not alone. Boys have similar issues. My son is begging me for braces because his teeth are crooked. At first I thought to tell him no, but I really looked at his teeth and can see that there might be an actual problem there, so we’re going to have it looked at. I turned down braces when I was a kid and haven’t had any trouble with mine. He’s also self-conscious about his skin and his hair and the pudge he’s got around his middle. I told him the hair and skin are fine but he needs to work on the pudge because that can signal some health problems later on if he doesn’t get on top of that now. Problems like what I’m dealing with – they shouldn’t be problems for teenagers!

    You’re on the right track and you can tell your girls everything you’ve learned, but you may come to realize that they have to find out for themselves.

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